Later the same day, Ec 3/5 left Etzwilen towards Ramsen. The line Etzwilen-Singen across the border was built in 1875 for political reasons rather than traffic needs. It gave the private, Swiss "Nationalbahn" railroad company a proprietary link to Germany, avoiding the tracks of the competing "NOB". After nationalization of the railroads, the connection declined to the insignificance of a sleepy branch line, as alternative, shorter routes were available. It was no surprise that this stretch became the last standard gauge line in Switzerland remaining unelectrified. In 1969, it was closed to passengers, and when it lost its intermodal freights in 1996 it became clear that the federal railways could no longer justify to keep it open. Now, a local steam assocaciation is about reopening the branch to steam passengers, and August 1st was one of the first days with trains again.