Steam enthusiasts came to Chenge for its well known stellwork branch, China tourists for the Summer Palace. The former branched off right at the station, crossed this bridge and the town centre before its steep climb to the factory in the mountains.

In March 1999, the river WuLie flowing through Chengde was still deep frozen, allowing locals to spend the afternoon on the ice, while a SY passes with another trainload for the steelworks.

Most enthusiasts came to Chenge for its well known steelwork branch. But there was a lot more to experience than that. Until the mid-nineties, freights on the scenic Chengde - Dongmaiohe - Mijun line were entierely QJ operated. The line lead through amazing mountain sceneries, had numerous bridges, tunnels and steep gradients - which was the reason the freights were relatively short by Chinese standards on this line. Since there was no direct road access to the most spectacular sections, we had to grapple with some lengthy, all-day-hikes. Even so, it was well worth the effort! Panjiadian, Jan, 1995.
Some 15km south of Chengde, a River was crossed by a lengthy steel bridge. Shortly after the bridge, there was a junction that connected with the Yebaishou and Dongmaiohe - Mijun lines in a triangle. Jan, 1995



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