Taken from the middle of the frozen Hunjang-River, one of the many freights with JS-Class 2-8-2 passes west of Tonghua. March, 1994
Few visitors that travelled through China back in 1994 would have expected the country rising to one of the worlds leading economic powers within only a decade, given the poverty and economic backwardness of rural China at that time. An JS rushes with the daily Baihe-Tonghua fast train past a farmer village between Hunjang and Tonghua.
Abundant coal and iron reserves were in the area around Tonghua, and the city had iron- and steelworks. Therefore, coal was, as elsewhere in China, the main good transported on the railroad.
A JS hustles with a lengthy, Hunjang-bound passenger past a tipical Manchurian town east of Tonghua. The river in the background was deep frozen even at the beginning of March and thus offered direct access from the highway on the opposite side of the river.



(c) Markus Fischer, Zürich