Hinwil-Bauma (DVZO)

Hinwil-Bauma (DVZO)
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The Hinwil - Bauma section of the former Uerikon-Bauma-Bahn survived the closure of the railway in 1948. Today, it the DVZO steam assosication runs regular trains on it. Ettenhausen, June, 4th, 2010

Der Abschnitt Hinwil Bauma der früheren Uerikon-Bauma-Bahn überlebte bei der Stillgegung der Bahn 1948 und ging an die SBB über. Heute fährt der Dampfbahnverein Zürcher Oberland historische Züge auf dieser Strecke. Ettenhausen, 04.06.2010


DVZO - One of the finest preseved lines of Switzerland

The "Dampfbahnverein Zürcher Oberland" runs one of the most interesting preserved lines in Switzerland - among the few museum lines that there exist. The DVZO-association started its operation in 1978 on a stretch of the former, private "Uerikon-Bauma Bahn" (UeBB), a secondary line that was closed in 1948.


Back then, the section of the line between Hinwil and Bauma was taken over by Swiss federal railways SBB and even been electrified. But traffic levels remained still low as ever, as the line, initially founded and initiated by local industrial tycoon Guyer-Zeller and merely linking insignificant villages, failed to satisfy actual traffic needs. 

In 1972, also that remaining stretch was finally closed to passengers. Nevertheless, it was kept open thoroughly for occasional freights and, more importantly, for military strategic reasons.

That was when the association was formed started to raise funds for its first steam engines and a historic trainset. A bunch of enthusiasts started to rebuilt engines and coaches Today, DVZO owns one of the finest collection of historic Swiss locomotives and trainsets.

Dieser Dampftriebwagen bildete praktisch während Jahrzehnten das Rückgrat der Zugförderung der Uerikon-Bauma-Bahn. Der Triebwagen genügte für das bescheidene Verkehrsaufkommen in der Regel trotz seines beschränkten Platzangebots. Trotz dieser wirtschaftlichen Betriebsweise kam die Bahn nie wirklich in die Schwarzen Zahlen. Nach der Schliessung der Uerikon-Bauma-Bahn 1948 gelangte der Triebwagen zur SBB und wurde 1980 umfassen renoviert.

This unique steam railcar handled over decades the majority of the traffic over the former Uerikon-Bauma-Bahn (UeBB). Traffic levels remained low, so the small, cost-effective Esslingen railcar could handle it without major difficulties. After closure of the UeBB in 1948, the vehicle was taken over by Swiss federal railways SBB, who rebuilt it compeletely in 1980. Bäretswil, Oct.15, 2006.

The former 'Uerikon-Bauma - Bahn' (UeBB) and what survived of it until present days: The DVZO Hinwil-Bauma preserved steam line and the freight line Bubikon - Wolfhausen. The dashed sections have been abandoned and lifted the years after the closure of the UeBB in 1948.

The scenic line, which was still fully maintained by federal railways SBB, but only partially used, was an ideal candidate for a museum railway.

Today, the association owns half of the line. They equipped it with semaphore signals, historic railroad crossings and restored  the old infrastructure. The museum-line is only 11km, but it has eight bridges, features many picturesque spots and steep grades up to 29‰ (1 in 35), so the engines have to prove their traffic effort on each trip.

The museum line is a regional attraction, running on a twin-weekly pattern on Sundays during summer. On Saturdays in Summer and also during the rest of the year, the association runs private specials on order. This is no longer limited to the museum line, since the free access act has opened the railroad network to other railroads as DVZO to some extent. 

Have a look at the pictures in the pleasant Canton Züruch countryside!


The Bauma-Hinwil museum line is one of the most interesting ones in Switzerland. On October 13, 2007, the former Mittelthurgaubahn 2-6-2 tank engine had just left Neuthal with a scheduled vintage train.

Die DVZO Strecke Bauma-Hinwil ist sicher eine der interssantesten Museumsbahnen der Schweiz. Am 13.Oktober hatte die Ec 3/5 gerade Neuthal verlassen. Sie war anlässlich des Fahrzeugtreffens 2007 nach Bauma gekommen.



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