Mallet Ed 2 x 2/2

Hinwil-Bauma (DVZO)
Mallet Ed 2 x 2/2
Arc Jurassien
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Furka Bergstrecke



Die SCB Mallet Ed 2 x 2/2 durchbricht die sonntägliche Ruhe im Tösstal, als sie hinter Bauma die 29-Promille Rampe der DVZO-Museumslinie in Angriff nimmt. 14. Sepember 2003.

SCB Mallet Ed 2 x 2/2's breaks the silence on a peaceful Sunday mornig, entering the 1 in 35 ascent on the Bauma - Bäretwil section on the DVZO-museum line. Sepember 14, 2003.

Ed 2 x 2/2 is one of the most remarkable items with the collection of historic SBB locomotives. 

The handsome Mallet built by Maffei in 1893 for the "Schweizerische Centralbahn" SCB was designed for heavy duties on mountainous sections of the railroad. Later with the nationalization of the mayor Swiss railroads in 1902 it came to federal railways SBB, has survived there for decades and was finally reserved for preservation. 

Today, it is the only workable standard gauge Mallet engine in western Europe.

For the recent years, a experienced group of staff and enthusiasts has taken care of the Mallet at the workshop in Balsthal on the Oensingen - Balsthal Bahn (OeBB), a local railway in the canton of Solothurn.

The OeBB is a railroad that features an impressive collection of interesting vehicles. For many decades, it could only afford used rolling stock that elsewhere was withdrawn and destined for the scrap line.

But unfortunately, the short line railroad lacks of anything that would resemble even remotely to the Mallet's era, so the engine could be seen at best with the railroads big dining cars from the 1930ies with its odd livery. 

So the announcement, that SCB 196 would make a trip to 'Zürcher Oberland' and spend some two weeks with DVZO, allowing it to see with a wonderful, matching rolling stock was no less than a little sensation to me.

Many thanks to the people involved from Ed 2x2/2 operation-group, SBB/ SBB historic and DVZO for organizing that event!







Impressions from Ed 2 x 2/2's visit to DVZO and the remaining parts of the former Uerikon - Bauma - Bahn (UeBB) in Canton Zürich: Pictures from top to bottom: Bubikon - Bäretswil - Wolfhausen - Bauma. 13/ 14. September 2003

Snippets from Ed 2 x 2/2's visit to DVZO in September 2003: Click on the items to view the gallery!

Links: DVZO The official Website of the historic DVZO Steam Railway Website by Olaf Haensch on the history of mallet engines and remaining mallets in Europe (In German language)
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